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[I-WIN Startup Stories] In a world where fitness is measured by weight alone, Lami.Fit stands out by a mile

Lakshmi Pandrala, a national award-winning nutritionist, and Amol B K, an IISc alumnus, combined their individual expertise to start Lami.Fit, a Predictive & Preventive HealthTech Platform. Lakshmi’s work with elite sports teams, like the Indian Cricket team, and Amol’s entrepreneurial run is what brought the duo together. Lami.Fit (lami.fit) is the perfect example of what happens when intuition, knowledge, experience and technology come together.

The first-of-its-kind healthtech platform that uses DNA, and blood & body markers to predict health risks, Lami.fit synthesises the findings to curate personalised health plans that can prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, heart risks & chronic gut disorders.

This app isn’t just great news for those of us with a sedentary lifestyle – it also helps athletes & individuals to reach the peak of their health and fitness. The makers of the app believe that every individual is different and that the nutritional and fitness requirements for people vary greatly. A general nutrition plan can only do so much and does not have the ability to fundamentally solve underlying health problems.

Lakshmi recalls her first success that led to Lami.Fit’s birth. She had recommended a few dietary changes to her partner’s father who was dealing with diabetes, and in no time there was a substantial improvement in his condition. Not only did his dependency on medicines reduce, but his overall health improved as well. That was the moment when Lakshmi decided to make her experience accessible to all. A partnership with Amol, who brought an entrepreneurial mindset, cleared the stage for Lami.Fit’s launch.

The support from I-win has helped Lakshmi and Amol a great deal. Having mentors and programs that hand-hold at each step where guidance is required was invaluable to Lami.Fit’s journey. The founders believe that the “Strategically structured program” added value to the product and to the marketing as well.

As Lami.Fit grows month on month, we wish the founders good luck in their endeavours to take health and fitness to every smartphone user!

This is one of the sixteen stories to introduce you to the current cohort of start-ups being incubated under I-WIN, I-Venture @ ISB’s flagship program for women-founded and co-founded start-ups.

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